We implement help for self-help.

We achieve this by teaching the people in need the techniques and their use, training them in them and accompanying them in the implementation on site.

Our work begins with advice on the use and utilization of plant products.

We perform this service free of charge for micro and small businesses in developing and emerging countries in regions that are economically and or socially disadvantaged. We also support small and medium-sized companies in these regions if the improvement in the added value from plant products will enable and increase productivity of the people who carry out the growing and harvesting of the plant products.

If these conditions are met, we can carry out project work in different forms.

Our contribution can consist of:

  • Advice on the possibilities of unlocking and manufacturing processes for plant products not previously used for humans.
  • Provision of technology for a unlocking and manufacturing process for plant products.
  • Conception and planning of a plant technology for the execution of the unlocking and manufacturing process.
  • Participation in the construction of a plant technology.
  • Training on the implementation of the technology and the operation of the plant technology.
  • On-site support during the implementation of the unlocking and manufacturing process and the operation of a plant technology for the production of ingredients from plant products.

About us

We are a non-profit foundation located in Wiesbaden, Germany.
According to our statutes, we are committed to carrying out our activities for charitable purposes. According to the statutes, the donations must be used for charitable purposes and research. The Foundation for Sustainable Food Production provides its know-how for the implementation of the technologies used in the projects free of charge.