Our vision

The provision of processes and techniques that make it possible to utilize regionally existing residues of plant products as food can make a contribution to improve the nutritional situation of people. Thereby food production can be  decentralized, thus preparation and obtaining nutrients or food components that are important for humans regional can be made possible economically viable. As a result, all ingredients of vegetable residues are immediately available to people at their place of origin.

The possible improvement in the food supply and the optimization of the economic yield from plant products can have an impact on the regional social and economic situation, particularly in rural areas. This gives rise to impulses that can lead to the management of previously unmanaged land. We hope that we will start a process that will result in further beneficial effects that benefit nature.

Our mission

We want to make the processes and techniques for extracting food from plant products available to people who live in economically and socially disadvantaged regions. We want to give impulses to produce plant products and to use them sustainably.

We want to make a contribution to increasing the sustainability of plant products.

About us

We are a non-profit foundation located in Wiesbaden, Germany.
According to our statutes, we are committed to carrying out our activities for charitable purposes. According to the statutes, the donations must be used for charitable purposes and research. The Foundation for Sustainable Food Production provides its know-how for the implementation of the technologies used in the projects free of charge.