Project partner

We are happy to take suggestions for projects and check whether project implementation is possible in accordance with the statutory use.

Cooperation with other organizations is desired and is sought. We offer our support in particular to organizations and institutions that help people in need, provided that we can make a contribution by providing the processes for producing food.

Become a project partner
People or companies wishing to participate in a project as beneficiaries must meet the following requirements:

  • Residency in an economically and structurally weak region in a developing or emerging country;
  • Having an edible plant product that has not yet been used for human consumption which contains ingredients that can be made available for human use ;
  • Realization of added value, as a result of which small and very small farms can work more economically and / or a regional-economic profit can be achieved.


About us

We are a non-profit foundation located in Wiesbaden, Germany.
According to our statutes, we are committed to carrying out our activities for charitable purposes. According to the statutes, the donations must be used for charitable purposes and research. The Foundation for Sustainable Food Production provides its know-how for the implementation of the technologies used in the projects free of charge.